GW2 Trading Post Bot

With the release of HoT and the coming of the second expansion, there are more things to spend gold on in GW2 than ever. Current 'optimal' farming methods involve hours of braindead gameplay to accumulate a decent amount of gold, however. Using bots to perform these farming routines (such as chest farming) is impossible, so you have to resort to even less efficient mob farming if you are to use them. This comes with a high risk of detection and bans, of course. GW2TPB offers an alternative by automating Trading Post flipping for you instead. It can achieve orders of magnitude larger profits, while being practically undetectable and only requiring one account to work to its full potential.




  • Auto mode - one click fully automatic trading

  • Trade the profitable items from your pre-defined list

  • ..or automatically find profitable items using the item finder function

  • Set custom profit margin levels based on your trading strategy

  • Retrieve bought items from the TP and list them for sale

  • Automatically refresh your buy orders to ensure you are always the highest bidder

  • 100% undetectable - no low level interaction with the game and randomised behaviour to avoid patterns

  • Orders of magnitude more profitable than using a farming bot - and much safer

  • Earn up to thousands of gold / month for the price of less than 200 gold

  • A number of settings to customise your trading (price ranges, speed and wait times, etc)




Desktop with GW2 and the bot set up


GW2TPB functions and settings


Profits throughout a 40-day testing period

Days on the horizontal axis.



See it in action


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