21 Jul

Small Fix

We have discovered that a file was missing from version which resulted in an error during the setup process. The file has now been added back.

On an other note - considering that it has been a while since the last update - GW2TPB is still fully functional. As always, all bug reports or feature suggestions are welcome, and we will update the bot when needed.

15 Nov

v1.1.0.7 Release


  • Fixed an issue where the automatic item finder would stop with the following error message while filtering items: ValueError: No JSON object could be decoded
13 Aug

Status and PoF compatibility

This post is just to let everyone know that the bot is still fully functional (hence the lack of updates recently); and based on our tests during the PoF beta weekend, it will maintain 100% functionality once the expansion is released.

Have fun trading!

03 Nov

v1.1.0.6 Release


  • Removed old, unused functions from the code.
  • Improved the wording of some messages.
08 Aug

v1.1.0.5 Release


  • GW2TPB is now on top of all other windows by default. Use while GW2 is in fullscreen windowed mode is now possible.
28 Jul

v1.1.0.4 Release


  • Changed anti-AFK method to use a different ingame ability and work more reliably.
  • Fixed a bug where all buttons were locked down for users who didn't have a coordinate file, preventing them from creating one.
  • Changed some of the bot timings for slightly smoother and faster operation overall.
30 Jun

v1.1.0 Release


  • Added automatic item finder. You can now search items on the TP based on multiple criteria and use the bot without an item list. The bot will buy the eligible items in descending order based on their current profit margin. (The gold spending limit settings applies here as well.)
  • Added a function to not buy items which you still have listed for sale.
  • The GW2 window setup has been moved into the main GW2TPB interface and can now be accessed using a button in the User Settings Tab.
  • The UI has been updated. The general layout has been rearranged and the interface streamlined.
  • Added additional check for API key validity.
  • Fixed an issue where the gold spending limit was not calculated accurately and could result in going over the limit by one item purchase.


  • v1.1.0.1: Fixed a bug with selling items while automatic item finding was enabled.
  • v1.1.0.2: Improved the stability of the window setup process.
  • v1.1.0.2: Fixed a bug where logging in was required to begin the window setup process.
  • v1.1.0.3: Added a progress indicator to the automatic item finder's filtering process to indicate the bot is not frozen.
  • v1.1.0.3: Changed some default setting values.
10 Feb

v1.0.8 Release


  • Changed the handling of long items, so that they are now correctly bought and sold (refer to the setup guide). Consequently, long item lists cannot be carried over from older versions, please let GW2TPB generate a new one.
  • Implemented a check for duplicate items on the item list at the start of automode. Duplicate entries will now be deleted automatically.
30 Jan

v1.0.7.4 Release


  • Improved handling of some network and API errors.
  • Reverted to the official GW2 API for now for more accurate item prices.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the bot incorrectly detected some items as 'long-named' and ordered the wrong item.
11 Oct

v1.0.7 Release


  • A pause option has been implemented. Effectively this is still not an immediate pause, but it takes effect much faster than the stop button and the paused action can be resumed as well.
  • Mobile mode has been added. GW2TPB can now function away from a TP NPC. Naturally, items and gold cannot be collected while in mobile mode (no hacks are used to do so).
  • An instant buy order repost option has been added. This option immediately posts a new buy order for items during a bid refresh cycle if the previous order for them is fulfilled. Using this option there is no need to repost all buy orders if only a few of them are completely fulfilled at a time.
  • Further reduced reliance on the GW2 API, improving stability and reducing the chances of detection.
  • The UI has been updated with a separate tab for auto mode.
  • A bug where GW2TPB did not correctly detect being outbid if there were over 50 orders on the TP has been fixed.
  • A check to see if the coordinates file is properly set up has been added.
02 Oct

v1.0.6 Release


  • A price range (minimum and maximum prices) to buy items in can now be individually set for every item in the itemlist file.
  • Some formatting options are now supported for the itemlist, allowing for it to be much more organised than before. Please refer to the updated Setup Guide for more information on the changes.
  • Improvements in communication with the server.
24 Sep

v1.0.5 Release


  • The position of items in the search results page can now be individually specified in the itemlist file. This allows for the correct purchase of items which share their names with others.
    • Note that trading multiple items with the same name at the same time is not handled properly for now, as it is a much more complex issue.
    • Please refer to the updated Setup Guide for instructions on where to place the item position values in the itemlist file.
17 Sep

v1.0.4 Release


  • A new setting to automatically stop auto mode after a given amount of cycles has been added.
  • The speed of setting the quantity of an item during buying is now affected by the speed multiplier. If you were experiencing issues with the quantity not resetting properly, slowing the bot down should now help.
  • Unnecessary steps during buying only 1 of an item are now skipped, speeding up the buying process.
  • Selling items is now not performed when there is nothing to sell in auto mode, increasing overall efficiency.
13 Sep

v1.0.3 Release


  • Sale of items with long names fixed
  • Fast mode is now replaced with a customisable timing multiplier setting. You can now make the bot's actions slower or faster. The default value is 1. Going below it speeds up the bot (0.5 would be 2x speed), going above it slows it down (2 would be 0.5x speed).
  • The bot now recognises GW2 API related errors and retries connection to the API
  • Settings.txt and coordinates.txt files have to be recreated using the bot due to the extent of changes in the new version
08 Sep

v1.0.2 Release


  • Added custom window positioning: the bot now learns the locations of all buttons it needs to use through a setup process, which means it no longer requires the GW2 window to be a given size and in a given position. Please run 'Window.exe' in the 'Setup' folder before using the bot.
  • A few minor text formatting and timing changes
05 Sep

v1.0.1 Release


  • Added fast mode option (buy and sell faster if the TP loads fast enough for you)
  • Fixed a rare API related error