How much gold can I make with the bot?

This is dependent on a number of factors: the amount of gold you have to invest in the first place, the number of items you are trading and how profitable they are, and mainly how often you use the bot.

During a pre-release testing period, starting with about 120 g we were able to get to over 3000 gold in 5-6 weeks. This was achieved with a constantly evolving and expanding item list and at least a few hours (2+) of botting on most days.

Based on our experience, you can realistically make at least 1000 gold/month with a decent item list and daily botting. If you spend the time to build a seriously good item list, look into market trends, etc multiple thousands a month should be possible.


Is the TP bot detectable / will I get banned?

The bot does not interact with GW2 on a low level, there is no memory injection or anything of the sort. The only direct interaction is through mouse input. The bot also relies on the GW2 API to obtain information about your TP listings. Even though there is no evidence of API calls being monitored or causing bans (given that you can publicly give these out, you should not be at fault for someone else using them), reducing the number of calls made by the bot to avoid suspicion was still top priority during development (compared to the first beta version API calls are now down by over 60%). To avoid potentially too regular behaviour on the TP, waiting times of the bot are all randomised as well.

These practically eliminate the possibility of being detected by any automatic anti-cheat system of the game. The only possible way of someone getting banned for using GW2TPB is through player reports. The risk of this can also be reduced significantly by taking a few simple measures:

  • Don't look suspicious: don't use a lvl 2 or lvl 20 character in no gear or with a random name
  • Don't always access the TP in the same location, rotate locations (cities and ones in other zones) every couple of days


How many GW2 accounts can I use with the bot?

You can use the bot on one character of one account at a time. You can, however, change the API key (defining your account) and character you wish to use in your user settings on the website as many times as you wish.

Note: Please leave a few minutes for the changes to take effect before trying to use the bot with a new account/character.


Can the bot automatically find profitable items for me?

An automatic item finder feature is now included in GW2TPB. You can filter items based on a wide range of criteria, and have the bot buy only the ones which fulfill all of them. This option does not guarantee the profitability of the found items, however, as price history and trends can only be analysed manually.

Ultimately, the creation of an item list with reliably profitable items is advised. There are numerous tools online with automatically generated lists of profitable items, such as gw2tp.net , gw2shinies , gw2tp, etc, which you can browse for reliably profitable items. You can also consult the flipping guide for simple guidelines on how to find profitable items on these sites.


What happens if the bot breaks?

If the TP bot breaks for extended periods of time due to a fault in the code or the bot's server, all subscriptions will be extended for the amount of time lost. While highly unlikely, if the bot breaks in a way that cannot be fixed, all running subscriptions will be refunded.

However, in case the GW2 API is down or broken (usually also breaking the TP ingame) we cannot take responsibility for the time lost. During these times the bot will be adjusted automatically to use alternative APIs and still be able to offer some limited functionality.


Can the bot run in the background?

No, unfortunately. Since the TP's internet communication has been encrypted in the TP interface update last year, the only way to place or remove orders and listings is direct interaction with the game, which requires use of the mouse.

The bot's resource requirements are very low, however, so it is well suited to be ran in a virtual machine. This option allows it to run in the background, of course.


Any further questions?

Feel free to contact us at admin@gw2tpb.com, or post on our forums.

Link to our thread on the ElitePvPers forum.